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Sunday, February 3, 2008

[rumor] Vista SP1 to be released Monday

<This site> is claiming that they 'received word' (without mentioning from where) that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 will be released on Monday, February 4, 2008. This report is being echoed by many other Vista fan-boy sites as being accurate.

It's been let on by Microsoft for a couple years now, and later confirmed, that they planned to ship SP1 alongside Windows Server 2008, which is now due in February 2008.

<For quick info check out this knowledgeable SP1 FAQ>

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  1. So what it turns out is on Monday Microsoft announced the release schedule. First SP1 went to manufacturing already. It also said that it wouldn't be available from update till 'mid-March'! That leaves a lot of questions for people who want to install SP1 now. Like will be available for download somewhere other than through updates?