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Monday, February 25, 2008

MetaRAM's MetaSDRAM™ Allows 8GB DDR2 DIMM!


MetaRAM has announced it's production of DDR2 DIMMs that can hold 4GB or 8GB that are still a drop-in replacement for normal DIMMs. They demonstrated working samples back in July 2007 and released it's first chipset into production in November 2007. These DIMMs don't just allow for quadrupled memory size in the same slot, but also sport some fancy features such as WakeOnUse™.

One of MetaRAM's channel partners will soon announce a server with 256GB of main memory for under $50,000, with 500GB boxes on tap for a higher price points.

It seems for now that compatibility is limited to Dual and Quad core platforms based on AMD Opteron™ and Intel® Xeon® (with the 5100 MCH) processors.



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