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Friday, April 18, 2008

Microsoft Vista Users: Bend Over

  Didn't listen to all those Vista bashers? Chances are your already kicking yourself over issues your having with Vista. Since you're all waiting for some reassuring words from Microsoft, you've got it.
  Last Thursday, at an annual Seattle event Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, called the Vista OS "a work in progress"! I hope they warned you about this when you dropped $200-300 or more on a copy.

You could petition:
<Info World's Save XP Petition>

You could jump on the Linux bandwagon:

Or you could keep your hopes up waiting for the next Windows:
<Windows 7 (Wikipedia)>

Anyone think a Mac is an option? (comments are wide open, as always)


  1. I'm sorry if I'm pointing out the obvious but... aren't ALL of Microsoft's Operating Systems a "work in progress"... as evident by the patches that mysteriously turn off mass functionality, or introduce entirely new things out of the blue?

    I think a stable, production operating system should have the occasional patch (otherwise I'd start to worry...) but not entire re-designs to the infrastructure, user interface, and major functionality changes mid-stream!

  2. as far as keeping my hopes out for win 7 i wouldnt hold my breath as its being designed off vista itll probably be a compleat joke as well.... when will ms learn im betting not in my life time