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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Solid State Drives Aren't Saving Battery Life

  One of the big hopes for solid state hard drives (SSDs) is that they will reduce power consumption, saving on your battery's life. Tests ran by Tom's Hardware of many SSDs from several vendors showed significantly more power consumption than a standard SATA drive. The tests ran are considered pretty reliable.
  This means solid state drivers aren't quite up to snuff for power consumption alone, although certain types of SSDs already provide significant performance advantages. This let-down paired with the current high price of solid state storage over traditional hard drives, will keep SSDs on the back burner for a bit while the technology is refined.

Tom's Hardware: (Contains many pages of extended details of the tests)
<The SSD Power Consumption Hoax : Flash SSDs Don’t Improve Your Notebook Battery Runtime – they Reduce It> June 27, 2008

CrunchGear: (A single page review containing a graph of the data)
<Shock, horror: Apparently SSDs don’t save you any power> July 1st, 2008

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