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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

AOL OpenAIM 2.0, a step in the right direction?

  <AOL Developer Network> unveils OpenAIM 2.0. Totally unrestricted development for the failing instant message network. Previous attempts at opening the network to developers where hindered by quotas and developer licenses. In a total about face they seem to be intending to go the other direction, removing quotas and double faced developer logins. They also have released the OSCAR protocol documentation!
  This looks nice and fuzzy on the outside, but <Wired's coverage> mentions the following concerning information:

"AOL is going even further, offering such services the option to run AOL-served advertisements as part of a revenue sharing plan."

Despite this, it's obviously a step in the right direction. Hopefully other chat services will take notice and follow suit, otherwise reconsidering AIM, again, might be in a lot of chatters' future.

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